Recycling at home

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When it comes to recycling, most of us start in the kitchen, but then it ends in the kitchen too. Recycling is often undertaken by one member of the household and in one room only. Yet, everyone creates waste and all over the house. Downstairs and upstairs. 

You can recycle all kinds of everyday items in every room of your house. From toothpaste boxes and toilet roll tubes, shampoo and shower gel bottles, perfume and medicine bottles. Through to bottle tops, receipts and envelopes. You can recycle in every room of your home. Downstairs and upstairs.

Find out more about the items you can recycle all over your home by looking at our interactive house.

Make a pledge to recycle in every room in your home. 

Watch our video to find out what waste items you can recycle from every room of your home: 

Watch the Hines family from Swansea recycle upstairs and downstairs!