Banana skinIn many places in Wales and the UK, banana peels*, when recycled, are taken to a special processing plant and turned into energy to power our homes and local communities.


Brecon Careg water bottleRecycled plastic bottles, such as Brecon Carreg water bottles, can be transformed into all sorts of fabulous new things such as t-shirts and fleeces as well as new bottles. Creating new plastic from scratch requires much more energy than recycling and uses precious resources such as oil. 


*in addition to other unavoidable food waste such as tea bags and coffee grounds, fruit and veg peelings, bones and egg shells

Trainers with banana and bottle as legsThis quiz is bananas!

Take part in our competition and be in for a chance of winning a pair Adidas trainers and other fabulous goodies.



Principality Stadium with bunch of bananasThese stats are bananas

Can you really power a stadium with bananas? And how many bananas would it take to do it?



World Half Marathon 2016 logoRecycling at WHM Cardiff 2016

Whether you’re a runner, a spectator or watching from home find out how you can do your bit.



Orange and light bulb graphic

From food waste to energy

Find out how unavoidable food waste such as coffee grounds, tea bags and fruit and veg peelings can be turned into renewable energy such as electricity and heat.



Screen grab from plastic recycling animation

Plastic bottle recycling

Plastic bottles can be recycled in most areas and you'd be surprised what they can be turned into.





Run Refuel Recycle graphic with banana and bottle trainers

Run Refuel Recycle Press release

The ‘Run, Refuel, Recycle’ campaign injects some green energy into the IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon Championships.






Here are some photos of the lovely people who came to see us at the IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon...

Posted by Recycle for Wales on Friday, 1 April 2016

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